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Traditional "pizzica" from South Salento (Italy)

Ballati tutti quanti,

the musical project of the brothers Alessandro, Carlo and Luca Rizzello is born in Spongano, a little town of Salento (the geographical region that comprises the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto,  at the extreme south of Apulia), in 1998.

Ballati tutti quanti interprets the ancient culture of dance and music of Salento and of Rizzello’s family, a traditional culture directly handed down to the Rizzello brothers by their grandmother Pippina Guida, one of the last popular ethnical singers of South Salento.

In the past, the rhythm of pizzica, beated by a local typical percussion, was considered the only remedy at the bite of tarantula-spider, and people suffering danced for whole days, to the point of exhaustion. However, pizzica especially characterized all popular events in little towns and family parties.

The three brothers have always been cooperating in different kind of musical groups, showing an important experience in concert activities.

After many participations and cooperation as musicians and dancers in different ethnic musical groups of Salento (Menamenamò, Allabua, Mascarimirì, Ajara, Criamu, Ariacorte, Salento Musica Ensemble), they recorded their first cd ("Pizzica-pizzica", 1999), starting, in this way, a new activity as musicians and performing many shows in all the Italian territory. In the band there are two dancers, Rossana Coda and Laura Santese, who report the traditional style of pizzica-pizzica and assist the stages and concerts activity.

The band is able to offer artistic performance of nice impact, in which dance and music are combined and all the elements of the band are expert teachers of traditional pizzica pizzica dance.

Currently, the group is promoting his last audio/video cd, “Quannu Quannu va cusì” (2017).




Alessandro S. Rizzello - percussions, accordion, voice

Carlo G. Rizzello - guitar, voice

Luca A. Rizzello - violin, percussions, voice


Rossana Coda - dancer

Laura Santese - dancer





"Pizzica-pizzica" the first cd of the musical group, offers a traditional interpretation of Salento music. Pizzicas are alternated with farmers songs, performed with the characteristic vocal style of the three brothers and characterised by simple and pleasing arrangements of guitar, violin and percussions.




After the intensive activity of these last years, and supported by the important tradition still alive in their family, BTQ recorded "Ttacca banda", a collection of songs and pizzicas of their territory. In this cd there is the evidence of the vocal and instrumental style of Rizzello brothers and the deep influence of tradition. All the music and the lyrics are directly handed down by their grandmother Pippina, whose voice is recorded in the track "mamma, cce fija tene".


The physical-version  of the cd "Ttacca banda" is sold-out, but the digital version is available on all the digital-stores (Itunes link)!



"ZUNFUNÌE" (audio/video CD, 2012)

Zunfunie is a CD that brings into your house the singing tradition of the Rizzello's and the village of Spongano in Salento.

Zunfunie (literally "Symphonies") is composed of ten audio tracks and thirty minutes of video, including studio recorded tracks by Ballati Tutti Quanti, several indoor home-recordings and improvised or extemporaneous performances with some components of the large Rizzello family, but especially the voice and the smile of grandma Pippina, with her irresistible verses, pure living tradition of the Salentinian repertoire.

In times of -interesting and more than legitimate- innovation in folk-music style around the province of Lecce, Ballati Tutti Quanti choose once again, with their third album, to fix a colorful overview of the musical tradition of their family and their area, as it is still practiced at home, thanks to the constant habit of singing with grandma, uncles and cousins ​​on every occasion of celebration.

Pizzica pizzica, work songs, love verses, jokes and pictures of the past life of Salento, in the simple and genuine interpretation of Ballati Tutti Quanti, without any addition of "sweeteners", commercial stylistic elements nor forcibly picturesque...

The booklet, in Italian and English, contains comments and notes for the listening and the contextualization of the songs, together with the Salentinian dialect original lyrics.

"Se tu vieni 'llu miu giardinu, quante cose ci sarà!" = "If you come over my garden, you will find many good things!"

Buy now (€ 17,00 shipment costs included) with paypal (or bank transfer, writing at info@ballatituttiquanti.com) :

"Zunfunìe" is on SPOTIFY (streaming) and  ITUNES (buy now at link).



"QUANNU QUANNU va cusì" (CD, 2017)

"Quannu quannu va cusì" is a collection of Salentinian folk songs handed down by Grandma Pippina to the Rizzello family.

For this disc, Alessandro, Carlo and Luca have selected from among the rarest and most entertaining pieces of the region of Salento and more precisely from the Rizzello family tradition. The recording was produced as an in-door live performance in order to recreate the family atmosphere typical of their musical heritage, in contrast to the acoustic perfection of the recording studio.

Some of the musical gems presented here include the participation of their father Antonio (Pippina's firstborn son), who has played an important part in researching and performing this music; a short impromptu sung by Pippina aside her fireplace; and a duet of her with her sister Vittoria recorded in 2002.   

The accompanying CD booklet, in English and Italian, includes a listening guide as well as a detailed description of Grandma Pippina's repertoire within the context of the Salentinian musical tradition.

Videos taken from the recording sessions will soon be released on the official Ballati Tutti Quanti YouTube channel.


"Quannu quannu va cusì" is our musical homage to Grandma Pippina, who passed away the 31st of May 2017. We want to thank her for the cultural heritage she handed on to us without limit and with indescribable commitment, along with her unconditionally loving and maternal smile by which we will always remember her. 


Buy now (€ 17,00 shipment costs included) with paypal (or bank transfer, writing at info@ballatituttiquanti.com) :

"Quannu Quannu va cusì" is on SPOTIFY (streaming) and  soon on ITUNES and the main digital stores (only audio, no booklet available for the digital version of the cd).






























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